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Alaska Cruises in August 2014 includes the Best August 2014 Alaska Cruise Specials in our online all new 2014 Alaska Cruise Catalog. Join us on an Alaska Cruise in August and Become an Alaska Wilderness Explorer Today!

Alaska Cruises in August 2014

August is a transitional month in Alaska. While August is typically a warm dry month in Seattle, as you head north the daytime temps begin to cool and as the month of August progresses the chances of precipitation increase the further north you go. Thankfully, most Alaska cruises traverse the waters of Southeast Alaska and there August is still a great month for visiting.

For many seasoned Alaskans, August is considered as one of their favorite months of the year. Both the Sockeye and Silver salmon fishing is excellent and the abundance of marine life is nothing short of spectacular. All the way from Seattle to Alaska you will be in whale rich waters that are shared with seals, otters, porpoises and loads of salmon.

While the weather in August could be a bit cooler, there are loads of reasons people choose this time to visit Alaska by land and by sea.

If you're planning on one of the extended land and sea cruisetours the month of August, this time of year offers the spectacular colors of massive fields filled with brilliant purple fireweed.

Alaska Cruise Deals for the 2014 Alaska Cruise Season

The Best Alaska Cruise Specials for August 2014 are now available in our online catalog. Find Cruise tours and free airfare among the many deals listed for Alaska cruises in August 2014.

  • Oceania Cruises is now offering airfare included specials for their 2014 Alaska cruise deals.
  • Holland America has specials on their August 2014 Alaska Cruises from Seattle.
  • Princess is offering specials on the entire catalog of 2014 Alaska Land and Sea Cruises in August.

Thinking that August would be the perfect time to visit Alaska? Here are some of the reasons why this might just be the time for you.

Popularity - The first two weeks of August are pretty typically some of the most desirable weeks of the summer. Seattle and Vancouver are beginning their dryest months and Alaska has still many great days before their cooler fall days arrive. As you move into the final week of August, Alaska can begin to experience the beginning of the crisp and cold nights with daytimes shortening and leaves beginning to turn.

Sightseeing - The month of August is a great time for the outdoor adventures offered in Alaska. From salmon fishing to scenic flights, August is a great month to visit Alaska.

Pricing - Alaska cruise prices can change pretty rapidly in response to the current occupancy levels. You can find the best bargains either very early, before the ship fills up, or at the last minute, when lines are trying to fill the last few cabins.

Special Events - As August progresses, the time starts to arrive when the short Alaskan summers begin winding down. Alaskans are not typically ready for fall and tend to ramp up the festivities before the weather changes and leaves all drop from the trees. Keep an eye open for free concerts, local farmers markets and sporting events including fishing and whale watching trips in each port.

Salmon Fishing - Spending some time in the ports of Alaska opens up the opportunity to experience the fantastic silver salmon fishing available in the month of August. There are fishing guides in ports from Ketchikan to Seward that can take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Alaska silver salmon fishing in the month of August.